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In In cooperation with our Partners  PVD Technology supports High Vacuum Coating Systems in the Field of Precision Optic,
Ophthalmic and Electronic through our technical support team, field service engineers and depot repair centers world wide.

We supply turn-key High Vacuum Systems up-grades:

Retrofitting a BALZERS Control System with an IC/5 - VCP - IF module is easy and cost effective. The cables that connect to the old BALZERS control system are diverted to an Interface module (IF) which in turn is connected to the vacuum and process controllers (IC/5 - VCP) units. There is minimum on-site wiring. The VCP  controls the vacuum  and gives the IC/5 the start signal at the process start pressure. The IC/5 controls the process and returns control to the VCP to complete the vent cycle. Installation is simply, replacing your existing hardware with our controllers; installation, test and customer training usually takes less then 5 days.

Off the shelf upgrade solutions for

BALZERS systems with BSP 102 / BSP 102A

 Edwards 306
 BALZERS System with BPU 100
BALZERS System with BPU 420
BALZERS System with BPU 431
BALZERS System with KAHN

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