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In Cooperation with our Partners PVD Technology supports Rotary Vane Pumps manufactured by BALZERS, PFEIFFER, INFICON, HSR and other OEM. Our technical support team, field service engineers and depot repair centers world wide can assist you with your current needs.

We can supply seal sets, heaters and other repairparts for these and other pumps:

DIFF 063 I (OEM part number:BPD12001, BPD12000, BPD12002) DIFF 320 (OEM part number:)
PDI063-W (OEM part number:260--22, 260-023) PDA320-W (OEM part number: 260-071)
DIFF 063 (OEM part number: BPD05000) DIFF 400 (OEM part number: BPD07500)
DIFF 100 I (OEM part number: BPD12501, BPD12500, BPD12502 PDA400-W (OEM part number: 260-081)
PDI100-W (OEM part number: 260-032, 260-033) DIFF 500 (OEM part number: BPD10000)
DIFF 100 (OEM part number:BPD05500) DIFF 501 (OEM part number: )
DIFF 160 I (OEM part number: BPD13001, BPD13000, BPD13002) PDA501-W (OEM part number: 260-090)
PDI160-W OEM part number: 260-042, 260-043) DIFF 630 (OEM part number: BPD09000)
DIFF 160 (OEM part number: BPD06000) DIFF 631 (OEM part number:)
DIFF 200 (OEM part number: BPD08500) PDA631-W (OEM part number: 260-100)
DIFF 250 I (OEM part number: BPD13501, BPD13500) DIFF 800 (OEM part number: BPD08000)
PDI250-W (OEM part number: 260-052) PDA800-W (OEM part number: 260-111)
DIFF 250 (OEM part number: BPD06500) DIFF 1000 (OEM part number: BPD09000)
    PDA999-W (OEM part number: 260-121)

Please contact us with you specific problem and our qualified customer service representatives will help you solve your problem as quickly and economical as possible. 

Direct Line: (603) 669-9651 x819 or phil@pvdtechnology.com